Pole Dancing Lessons in Liverpool

Lesson number one:

Hold on to the pole with some part of your body.





Pole Dancing Courses:

Our 6 week pole dancing course builds up week by week from total basic moves and spins, to gravity defying tricks and combinations.

Courses are brilliant for visible flexibility and strength improvement, for confidence and incredible pole progress.

It’s a great way to enjoy fitness with friends and meet new people, while learning a new skill. Each six week course is £48.

We have a new difficulty banding, organised by colour, White-Yellow-Orange-Green-Blue-Purple–Red-Brown-Black. Each level has a safety requirement move or two.

White: Shorts. That’s it. 

A body of any shape and size and a positive attitude come in useful also. 

Yellow: Pole seat + spin combinations

They don’t have to pretty, and you don’t need to smile, but you’re on your way to suppressing thigh burn, and your upper body has decided it can hang on long enough for your lower body to do something totally different. 

Orange: Invert + controlled dismount

If  you take a running jump, it doesn’t count. You can invert and dismount safely, slowly and in a controlled manner. On both sides. But we don’t mind if one side is a bit shitter than the other. 

Green: Inverted crucifix + Leg hangs

So you’re now totally happy upside down holding on with just your legs. You can breathe, chill, and you know exactly how to dismount without using your hands. 

Blue: Superman

Because who doesn’t want to be superman? You have achieved a level of dead nerve endings you never thought possible, and your shoulders are both strong and flexible. You rule. 

Purple: x leg/knee release and back up again

So yes, we started this move four levels ago, but it’s not to be neglected. Holding onto your foot or doing wonky sit ups won’t cut it. You have achieved a level of pure core strength and belief in your thighs. 

Red : Shoulder mount 

Long gone are the days of flinging. We teach shoulder mounts into a tuck or straddle, without putting legs on the pole before totally inverting.

Brown: Inverted D

We love triangles. You can now hold your inverted bodyweight in your arms alone, with your centre of balance being more than half your mass away from the pole. I think polers will understand. 


Congratulations you have achieved the strength, flexibility and the inability to fall or be unsafe at any height. You may now show me something you saw on instagram and we’ll give it a go. 

Please e-mail – bookings@ioisis-poledance.co.uk for information on how to book your spot in a course. We are also available on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ioisis.dance/