Pole Dancing Lessons in Liverpool


Ioisis offer a range of pole dancing sessions in different difficulty levels to suit all pole dancers in Liverpool.

Monday 6pm: Intermediate Drop-in
(£7 or 4 classes for £22)
7.15pm: Level 1 course starts 8th January 

(6 weeks £42)

8.30pm: Level 2 course starts

18th December


(6 weeks £42)

Tuesday 6pm: Mixed Advanced  drop in £7 per class 7:15pm: Level 4 course
Starts 28th November
(6 weeks £42)





6pm:Level 2 Course starts 6th December 


(6 weeks £42)

7.15pm: Level 5 course starts 20th December
(6 weeks £42)


6pm: Level 2 Course

Starts 30th November

(6 weeks £42)


7.15pm: Beginners

Drop-in Get started
Totally new beginners  Welcome 
(£7 or 4 classes for £22)


8.30 11th January

(6 weeks/£42) 

Pole Dancing Courses:

Our 6 week pole dancing course builds up from basic moves and tricks and choreographs them into a funky full pole dance routine.

The course is brilliant for visible flexibility and strength improvement, and for improving your skills on the pole.

It’s a great way to enjoy fitness with friends and meet new people, while learning a new skill. Each six week course is £42 (£20 deposit required).

Please e-mail – bookings@ioisis-poledance.co.uk for information on how to book your spot in a course. We are also available on Facebook – www.facebook.com/ioisis.dance/ and by phone at 07813 726740.

Drop in pole dancing lessons:

Drop in lessons for people who want to pole dance but can’t commit to a regular weekly slot, no need to book just stop by. In the drop in classes we teach you a rough guide to pole dancing.

Drop in lessons

  • £7 per class
  • 4 lessons for £22Private lessons:

We can also tutor pole dancing on a one to one, or small group basis in our Liverpool pole dancing studio. Private lessons are ideal if you want to boost your pole dancing confidence before joining group sessions or if you want to progress up a level and refresh all your moves.

One to one pole dancing lessons are really good for people starting out on a professional career, we can give you audition advice and help with your audition routines.

All sessions are subject to tutor availability an hour.

  • One to One: £25
  • Two people: £15 each
  • Three+ people: £10 each