Answers to the questions we get asked a lot.


What should I wear?

The most important thing is to be comfortable. A pair of shorts makes it easier as you do a lot of gripping with your legs. If you’re not comfortable wearing shorts, a baggy tracksuit, which can be pulled up over the knees is ok. Footwear is optional; you can go barefoot, in socks or light trainers. If you want to specialise in the routines you can bring a pair of heels to dance in.

Am I too old/young?

Pole dancing is suitable for people of all ages. IOISIS chooses to only teach pole dancing to people over 16. However, we can lower the age limit if you’re accompanied by a parent or guardian to the first session.

Can Men do it?

Everyone can do it. Everyone. We don’t allow spectators in classes, and we’re zero tolerance of any negativity. We’re super proud of the supportive energy in every class.

If an individual or group of females would prefer a female only class, for example, if they chose to cover up in the company of men for religious reasons, please get in touch, as this can usually be arranged.

I’m not a size 10. Can I still do it?

Pole dancing is great exercise for people of all shapes and sizes, for those who exercise regularly or not! Everyone, regardless of size and shape, feels instantly relaxed in our private studios, all of the Ioisis teachers are warm and friendly teaching classes designed to suit your fitness levels.

I want to try pole dancing but I’m worried about a health condition

As with all forms of exercise, you need to seek a professional opinion if you are worried about any medical condition. You’ll be asked to state any relevant medical conditions to the teacher before your class.

What do I need to bring?

Just yourself and some comfortable clothes. A bottle of water and small towel can help but is not a necessity.

Will I slide off?

Before a pole dancing class avoid using moisturiser or oil on your skin, it could alter your grip on the pole. In warm weather hand moisture can become an obstacle for pole dancing. You could try gripping aids;
Liquid chalk- This is an excellent liquid product which dries moisture from your hands, without being too sticky or messy. This can be bought in the studio or on the internet, or most outdoor/climbing shops.

Dry hands- Is an excellent product. It leaves little residue on the pole.
Hairspray- it can make a small difference, but needs to be re-applied frequently, although it does have the advantage of being easily available.